A Black and White Affair

(first posted May 02, 2006; won an honorable mention in the Raymond Walter College’s High School Poetry Contest)

With a wink and a smile,
The snake charmer
Begins his set.
The seductive melody
Flows through the streets,
Rushing like blood in veins.
You are drawn to the
Whispered promises,
And people cluster like flies.
Ooh and Aah at the spectacle,
A slithery serpent rising,
Pulled just like you
To the soft innuendos
Spoken with notes and slurs.
Lalala Lalalala Lalala Lalalala
That’s how it goes.
As the music peaks
You can see that
The bodies of the audience have
Begun to move along with the snakes.
Only a charmer
Can play his way
Into your mind,
Twisting and turning you,
Until, like that snake in the basket,
You’re a puppet in his hands.
Just like you,
I was caught by
The snake charmer.


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