Toronto’s Walk A Mile in Her Shoes

Toronto’s Walk A Mile in Her Shoes

While I enjoy seeing men struggling to wear heels since I stomp around like a boss in heels on a daily basis and I enjoy the publicity events like these get to broadcast the injustices of rape, I still have issues with the underlying assumption that heels = rape and only women get sexually abused.

My complaints go along the same lines as the fundamental issues I have with all “anti-discrimination” campaigns: although they bring a lot of needed attention to these issues, I feel that they serve as a sort of bandaid for a chopped off limb. All these issues have one common, underlying cause: intolerance and disrespect for other living beings (whether they be women, blacks, jews, asians, gays, the homeless, or what have you).

If only we were to focus on the cause, we would hit two birds with one stone, per se, instead of dividing our attention between the different causes and thereby weakening our collective force for change.


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November 26, 2012 · 3:25 pm

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