Pizza Hut’s New Fragrance


“Pizza Hut wants you to take a big bite whiff of their new product, Eau de Pizza Hut. Making its appearance in Canada, these 100 limited edition bottles were released to Facebook commenters who responded to their post about making Pizza Hut into a scent. Developed to smell like dough, any pizza lovers are encouraged to get their hands on future releases, if and when that happens. The Queens are unanimously happy for Pizza Hut’s entrepreneurial spirit, but we’re not sure about the direction they’re going in. Regardless, if we ever see this floating around, we’ll be sure to apply it and see what kind of people give us the time of the day. Maybe it’ll be a promotional ploy Pizza Hut will use in the future: “Wear our scent, and get a free medium pizza!”…”


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by | December 6, 2012 · 2:35 pm

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