Quick Hit: Hillary Clinton has already won the 2016 election

By ALEXANDRA | Published: DECEMBER 6, 2012

“Ok, so not really. But according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, 57% of Americans would support her hypothetical 2016 presidential candidacy. Nope, that’s not a typo: in our supposedly hopelessly partisan country, most people like the idea of Hillary Clinton in the White House. Everyone also just thinks she’s great.

On both scores — personal popularity and job performance — Democrats are overwhelmingly supportive of the long-time party leader, as are around two-thirds of independents. Even sizable numbers of Republicans are on board here, particularly when it comes to rating how she is doing as secretary of state: 40 percent approve and 50 percent disapprove. (At last measure, barely 12 percent of GOP voters approved of the way President Obama is doing his job.)

If you’re feeling down today, just think about Karl Rove reacting to that landslide victory…”



by | December 7, 2012 · 5:14 pm

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