‘A Little Lost’ by Chris Haughton

Little Big Books: What Makes Great Children’s Picture Book Illustration


“Looking back on the best children’s books of the year raises the inevitable question, “What makes a great picture-book?” — a question all the more essential given the formative role picture-books play in our emotional, psychological, social, and aesthetic development. That’s precisely what the fine folks of Gestalten — who have previously brought us Visual Storytelling: Inspiring a New Visual Language, one of the best art and design books of 2011 — explore in Little Big Books: Illustrations for Children’s Picture Books (public library). The lavish large-format volume documents some of the best contemporary children’s book illustration, examining the trends, images, concepts, and materials that define the genre’s design and conceptual aesthetic today through the work of more than 100 artists and illustrators, including favorites like Rambharos JhaBlexbolexBhajju Shyam, Durga Bai and Ram Singh UrvetiOliver Jeffers, and Rilla Alexander…”


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by | December 10, 2012 · 5:22 pm

One response to “Little Big Books: What Makes Great Children’s Picture Book Illustration

  1. Ah, what a gorgeous illustration you chose for this post!

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