I’m a bit confused by all of this since at first it seems like the gun didn’t fire on purpose and that maybe it was a publicity stunt. Additionally, it seems a bit excessive that the 5 to 10 men were continuing to kick and hit the assassin after he was brought to the ground. I don’t know whether these men are police or not, but you would think that there would be laws against kicking the man after he’s been controlled. If this was indeed a publicity stunt, the men attacking the assassin would be contributing to the “good guy/bad guy” feel of it all as well. What do you guys think?



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“Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt Watch Live Assassination Attempt On Bulgarian Politician VIDEO

Bulgarian opposition leader Ahmed Dogan narrowly survived a shocking assassination attempt on Saturday as a man stormed the stage and pointed a pistol directly into his face as he was addressing a crowd.

In an amazing stroke of luck, the weapon misfired – giving Dogan enough time to swat the gun out of the way. Before the would-be assassin could fire again, security tackled the man, and onlookers moved to beat and kick him.

Television footage shows the man, dressed entirely in black, rushing out of the audience onto the stage before leveling a gun directly into Dogan’s eyes and pulling the trigger. Security personnel rushed the attempted murderer before politicians and attendees from the audience also jumped the stage, raining blows onto him.

Photos of the bloodied, furious-looking man being dragged away by security officials soon hit the internet.

Authorities arrested a man suspected to be a co-conspirator who was found in possession of two knives in the audience.

Dogan is leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, a liberal party that represents Bulgaria’s Turkish minority. It seems more than likely the assassination attempt was carried out by Bulgarian neo-Nazi groups, which have become notorious for attacks on foreigners and minority populations – focusing especially on Muslims.

“Ahmed Dogan is in good health. Everything is under control,” party official Ceyhan Ibryamov told journalists…”



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