LGBT Education Group Denied Spot In Cincinnati St. Patrick’s Day Parade

“Out gay councilman Chris Seelbach and others withdrew from the Cincinnati Parade when members of GLSEN were excluded. “We are horrified by the message this sends to LGBT youth, who suffer constant bullying and discrimination, that they are not welcome in Cincinnati,” a GLSEN official says.

posted on March 15, 2013 at 3:48pm EDT

Members of Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network are being excluded from marching Saturday in Cincinnati’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, but an out elected official — City Councilman Chris Seelbach — has their back.

GLSEN had informed the councilman that their request to participate in the parade was declined by one of the parade’s organizers, Chris Schulte, specifically because “it’s their parade, it’s an Irish Catholic parade and we don’t want any members of the gay and lesbian community to be affiliated.”

Josh Wagoner, GLSEN’s Greater Cincinnati co-chair, said in a statement Friday, “We are horrified by the message this sends to LGBT youth, who suffer constant bullying and discrimination, that they are not welcome in Cincinnati.”

Seelbach spoke with BuzzFeed Friday afternoon about the situation.

“I’m the first openly gay elected person in Cincinnati. The city helps fund the parade and we have a clear non-discrimination policy. And so, to hear that an organization was going to exclude a group, merely because they are affiliated with a lesbian and gay organization and the prevention of bullying? I was very disappointed,” he said.

“I spoke with the leaders of the group this morning, I tried to find a common ground and prevent any controversy. They made it clear they would not allow any lesbian and gay-affiliated groups to walk in the parade. As a result I cannot participate in the parade willingly.”

At that point, he took to Twitter — and soon had other council members joining him in withdrawing from the parade:

@cincystpats has decided to NOT allow GLSEN to participate in the parade simply b/c they r an LGBT group. Tweet them if you disagree.

@cincystpats so far, Qualls, Young, Simpson, Sittenfeld, Moroski, Landsman & myself have w/drawn from your parade b/c of your antigay choice

Former Mayor & Congressman David Mann will also not be participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade @cincystpats Thank you David!

GLSEN’s Wagoner said, “Our goal is to participate in this year’s parade and to have our students feel like part of their community. GLSEN Greater Cincinnati partakes in local events of all kinds to ensure that students, parents and educators are aware of the GLSEN programming available to them and to gain insight on how we can best serve the needs of our community. Everywhere we go, we encounter parents and youth who need our support. Our visible participation makes a difference.”

According to The Catholic Beat, the 2013 sponsors of the parade are Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions; The Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick Foundation; Guinness; Killians; Greater Cincinnati AOH and LAOH.”


UPDATE: According to Enquirer this morning, parade officials said any group that did not agree to NOT actively advocate, etc during parade route was not welcome to parade and that last year, this group broke pledge not to do this during parade.  Officials said they welcomed all and any groups that agreed to terms.  Officials denied it had anything to do with church or its teachings.


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