Ohio Police Department Thinks Murdering Kittens in Front Of Crying Children is “Appropriate”

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Ohio Police Department Thinks Murdering Kittens in Front Of Crying Children is “Appropriate”

“On Monday, Ohio animal control Officer Barry Accorti took matters into his own hands when he shot and killed a litter of 8-10 week old kittens in front of a house of children, reported Alternet.org.

According to the article, the home owner called animal control expecting the officer to bring the newborn kittens to a shelter to be adopted or taken care of humanely. The officer, however, had other plans.

He told a witness that there was no room for the kittens in the animal shelter, and instead, they would “be going to kitty heaven,” said appalled Executive Director Teresa Landon of the Ohio SPCA.

As Accorti grabbed his shotgun from his truck, the homeowner’s children watched the brutal execution take place from a window, screaming and crying at the scene, the article narrates.

Landon called Accorti’s actions “heartbreaking” and “absolutely shameful that someone with the title of humane officer would do this.”

While SPCA wants to see Accorti fired and charged for animal abuse, North Ridgeville Police Department Chief Mike Freeman defended the officer in a press statement. Freeman said that Accorti’s “actions were appropriate,” and he announced the police will not “impose any disciplinary measures for the incident.”

With a dead litter and a houseful of scarred children, hopefully those kittens at least made it to “kitty heaven.” 

Despite Freeman’s announcement that he will not penalize Officer Accorti, hopefully some measures are taken to make sure no more innocent kitties suffer the same fate. 

It’s very unclear why the Ohio police department does not see an issue here. At least take away the officer’s shotgun for a little while … please.

Picture Credit: Olegvolk


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