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Street Life Care Kits

Instead of spending too much money on gifts this holiday season or sending money off to big business charities, think about spending a little time and money on putting care packets together for the homeless. I’ve been giving food to homeless people more often lately, and yesterday I even got some food for this guy’s dog. More often than not, it’s not their fault that their homeless. Does your 5-yr-old really need that iPad Air? Does your aunt really need that $90 perfume set from Macy’s?



“On Sunday, October 13th VespersKids will be packing STREET LIFE CARE KITS. These are gallon sized zip-lock bags filled with useful things and resources for someone in need or living on the street. The kids will pack enough kits for everyone to take home 1 or 2 but they need help gathering enough supplies. Below is the list of possible ways you could contribute:

Please choose an item and bring 10-15 of them with you to Vespers on October 13th…

Here are some suggestions:
size large white cotton t-shirts
stocking caps
packaged crackers w/ peanut butter or cheese
granola bars
beef jerky sticks
individual fruit…pudding…applesauce
packaged chicken or tuna salad with crackers
crystal light packets
hand wipes
food coupons
gallon zip lock bags
small bottles of water

Dollar stores, Wise Buys or other discount stores are great places to look for many of the things above. Feel free to make your own creative contribution and invite friends to join VespersKids on October 13th th to help pack bags.

Please plan on contributing and plan on taking a STREET LIFE CARE KIT to keep in your car or home to respond the next time you encounter someone in need.

Kent Morrison (  is coordinating donations, please email him and let us know what you are bringing.”

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November 25, 2013 · 10:41 pm