Church Pastor Starts a “Tip-Shaming” Website

9:30 AM ET

“Speaking of what goes around, comes around…

Chad Roberts, Lead Pastor at Preaching Christ Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, has started, a website where restaurant staffers can anonymously post stories about the rude Christian patrons who flock to their restaurants after Sunday services, The New York Daily News reports via The Kingsport Times-News.

So far, most of the stories complain about people who do not leave enough tip, but do leave pamphlets about the Bible and finding Jesus. “I had customers say something rude about the fact that I was working on the Lord’s day and not in church,” according to another story by a staffer who claims he or she cannot afford to take Sundays off from work.

Roberts was inspired to start the website after reading about the St. Louis pastor Alois Bell, who wrote “I give God ten percent, why do you get 18?” in response to the automatic gratuity that was added to her receipt at a local Applebees.

“I want the servers who have been genuinely hurt by Christians to know that we see the way they are treated and that we care,” Roberts writes on the website…I want the church crowd to read these posts and become aware of what servers think and how we are perceived… Easter Sunday, we’re calling for all Christians to double their tips! The problem is there are alot of people who call themselves Christians, but aren’t…”

(h/t Jezebel)”

Excerpts from


– “I am a Christian and had to work  weekends because I was a single Mom with no child support.  Where I worked the customers did not know how to tip and on Sundays they were worse.  They were more demanding than other days of the week and did not tip but $1 or $2 per table and sometimes they didn’t tip at all.  They left tracks and church bulletins and as a Christian I was ashamed of this.   The servers I worked had nothing positive to say.  We worked hard and it lasted for hours.  If you cannot afford to tip, go to a fast food resturant.  They don’t work for tips.
Thank you for bringing this to light.  Servers are not allowed to tell customers how they feel about this.”


– “My husband and I are former ministers…..yes,  you read that right…former ministers.   We went to Bible College, ministered in church 3+ times a week.  Pretty much opened the doors and closed them after everyone left.

I got to see first hand how nasty, rude, horrible and demeaning Christians could be.  Not just at a resturant, but at retail stores….
There is not enough space on this website’s server to fit the stories I could tell.

After 15+ years in the ministry, I had had enough of the Church and Christians in general.  My problem has never been with God.  It’s with his so-called servents.  I still love God and trust him for my salvation.  I just can’t deal with the body of “believers” that roam the halls of the Church.
Sunday after sunday folks would come in and “get their jesus on”.  Dance around….hoop and holler….(I’m not makeing a joke..people would really dance around in some of the churches we were in) but then they would go out and act like the devil the rest of the week.
After we left the ministry, we lost so many “friends”.  We were backsliden according to them, rejected God’s call on our lives.  My husband went back to school and became a school teacher…….reaching and impacting the lives of children(his true calling by God in my opinion) and I bacame….wait for it……a bartender.

Once I entered the resturant industry, my ever shrinking chruch friends went into overdrive.  Because, after all, I was now for sure going to hell for being a bartender.  Nevermind that I work in a “family friendly” place and we won’t even dive into the facts about drinking in the bible.  None of that mattered, I was now open game for needing to be “re-saved”

I work Sunday afternoons and nights.  It’s horrible.  We are so busy.  Any wait at our front door is met with eyerolling and sighs.  Not only from the non-church crowd but the Churchie ones too.  Huge parties of 10-20-30 people who all have no clue that drinks(i mean sodas, not liqour)take time to make.  Finger pointing and snide comments abound on Sunday more than anyother day.  ”Why have we been made to wait so long”….”Why don’t you have on more staff?”….”What? no discount for my golden buckye card/senior card/aarp card/blah blah blah card?”….”Why didn’t all of our parties of 30′s food come out at the same time?”

Well, let me see.  First, any larger party will be made to wait.  Tables have to be pushed together, severs have to be assigned….and if it’s busy….we have to sometimes wait for other folks to leave before we can seat you….DUAH.
We don’t have on more staff because it’s Sunday and NOONE wants to work this day.  You may find this hard to believe, but we have families too and would love to see them….some of us would even like to go to church….but since you find it a must to eat out today….here we both are.
Discounts, discounts, discounts……give me free stuff.  Humm do you do this at walmart too?  How about Target?  Do they give you a discount because you are so darn special?
Just wondering, when you cook at home, are you able to pump out 30 different food items all at the same time?

Now on to specific Christian table rudeness.  I have been given tracks many times in place of tips.  I have heard people say that they only give God 10%, so why would they give a server more.  I’ve had the table sneer at me when I suggest a glass of wine or a beer.  I love it when they pump up their chest and say “we dont drink”.  My responce is…… Really? No water, pop or juice?  LOL  I’ve been accused of being a liar, gay (I have a short hair cut, and I’m husky) and stupid.  I’ve had the “old ladies” table who thought I was beyond dumb and so very beneith them.  I’ve seen servers bust their butts on large parties to be left with pennies on the dollar and nice little pamplets telling them that Jesus loves them.

I guess it is very upsetting to all of us servers, bartenders, retail workers that we know what a Christian is supposted to act like.  We know right from wrong and when we see people who wear the nametag with the logo on it, we just thought they would be different.  We’re horrified to be told we are going to hell,  we are saddened to be called whores for having kids out of wedlock, we are angered for being called freaks, faggots, sinners.  I’ve read the Bible, many times.  I remember Jesus calling out the religious more than the sinner.  His most harsh words were for the religious leaders of his day.

So, I’ve said my piece.  I understand that it will be met with mixed reactions.  Thank you for the place to share.”


– “I work for a small business tea room & tea shop in a small town with a lot of churches.  I do most of the work, but on some days there are 2 of us working to cover both the tea room & the shop, therefore we split tips. We have had church groups, small families of Christians & individuals. Everyone working in the shop as well as the owners are Christians, so we know the importance of being Christ like to everyone who enters our shop. But  many time it is not reciprocated by other Christians  & we find this very distressing.  When we first opened we took reservations only, which a majority of tearooms across the country do, because of the food we prepare & the small amount of tables tea rooms have. We are not open on Sundays, but this doesn’t stop people from being upset that they can’t come to tea after church, we want to go to church as well & spend it just as it should be, a day of rest. We had a party 2 come in & enjoy our meal & schedule a Christmas party for 12 for several church members, which we gladly did. When the original party of 2 left, there was a tract nothing else on the table, we were in disbelief, but people in this area have never been to a tearoom & we are very different in our pricing, food & service style than a regular restaurant, so we just chalked it up to  them being new to the idea of a tea room. When the day of the party arrived, we spoke with the owners & agreed that we would tell them up front that “tax & gratuity were not included in the price seen on the menu”. We served all 12 individual pots of tea they each selected, presented our food as we do like a show, checked on them continuously, refilled pots, made out 12 individual checks & finished with taking pictures of the group wearing tea hats! Because we use black receipt holders, we never know what our tips are until we clear the table & take it up front to be finalized. After we had cleaned the area & washed every pot & dish, we went to check the holders, we had 2 tracts & a total of $5. We were not just upset, we were hurt. They had talked about their church, events going on, organizations they were involved with & so much more about their church, but we realized they said not a word about Christ. After that party left the owners drew up a “party policy agreement” which is used for everyone!
We did have a incident that occurred just before this one did, which was more devastating because it was not only people I knew, but Christians who taught my children at a private Christian school. They had as surprise party scheduled for the Mom of the family, so there was to be 5 people. I had to go out of town, so was quite upset I wouldn’t be there for the birthday celebration. When I returned I was told that the group had brought extra people & 2 very small children, which disrupted things in the tea room. As always they were treated like royalty with a few extra tid bits  thrown in because they were friends of mine. When all was said & done they left no tip at all. I was told that the birthday mom came up to one of the servers & gave her $3. I was so embarrassed, I could not understand how these ladies could treat fellow Christians like this & knowing I worked there as well. I never spoke to them about the incident because I didn’t know what to say.
I am sorry to say that I actually dread when people come in to the tearoom & start talking about Christ, because I hate for them to destroy that testimony by leaving nothing but a tract. I actually feel defeated, hurt & sad when Christians leave after being disrespectful to their fellow humans, Christian or not”


– “This is not a post about being a server, however , I was a manager at a buffet restaurant many years ago. On Sundays, we would have numerous church groups come in to dine. One church would get two groups of tables pushed together, in separate areas of the restaurant, the women and kids would sit in one group, and the men in the other. I personally witnessed one of the women, an elder in her church, standup at the head of the table, pull a box of zip lock bags out of her purse and start handing them to all the women and children for them to steal food.

I just wanted to share this, I am not looking to win any kind of prize.  If I am chosen for the prize, please give it to a needy family.”


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