Walmart Hit With Protests Amid Its Unrealistic Made in America Campaign

Verrrrrrry interesting and contemporaneous article:

“…”How can you save money if you’re not making enough money? How can you live better if you’re not paid enough?” Cincinnati Walmart employee Cynthia Brown-Elliott told CNN at a protest on Tuesday, referencing the company’s slogan of “Save money, live better.”

Protestors are asking for a $13 minimum wage and more full-time positions. A study from liberal think tank Demos found the retailer pays 825,000 employees less than $25,000 annually.This push from Walmart’s female workers aligns with the study’s findings that women working in retail make an average of $4 an hour less than their male counterparts…

With employees on both sides of the picket line showing their spirit in Bentonville this week, Walmart has been getting additional publicity for its “Made in USA” campaign.

In January of 2013 the retailer announced plans over the next ten years to purchase an additional $250 billion worth of goods that are made in the US. However, with a rusty labor market and lack of domestic parts suppliers, many manufacturers are having a hard time meeting the new demand…”


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by | June 6, 2014 · 9:01 pm

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