President Obama Just Did What Congress Wouldn’t Do on the Minimum Wage

“…Frustrated by Congress’ inability even to debate raising the national pay floor, Obama signed a new executive order to guarantee federal workers a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour. And now the Labor Department is following through; on Thursday, authorities announced that federal workers who previously didn’t meet the $10.10 cutoff (around 200,000 in total) will receive a salary raise.

While the measure won’t go into effect until next January, it’s Obama’s single biggest action to increase minimum wage — and a big slap to Congress’ face. “The federal government should practice what it preaches on the minimum wage,” said Labor Secretary Tom Perez. “No person who works a full-time job should have to live in poverty.”..”




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by | June 13, 2014 · 4:25 pm

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