Study Shows the Shocking Result When White and Black People Sell the Same Thing on Craigslist

“…On average, black sellers received 13% fewer responses and 17% fewer offers. When they did get offers, they were worse — about $3.56 lower per proposition than whites’ median offers.

Even more disturbingly is that many potential buyers seemed wary of the black posters. An ad featuring a black hand got 17% fewer emails, while 44% fewer respondents were willing to accept delivery by mail. The respondants were also 56% more likely to express some skepticism about paying long-distance. Black sellers did particularly badly in the northeast and in racially isolated or high-crime areas.

That said, men with tattoos — who served as what the authors called a “‘suspicious’ white control group” — experienced similar rates of discrimination. Both groups received slightly less politely worded emails, though that variable wasn’t statistically significant…”


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by | June 27, 2014 · 10:07 pm

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