For-profit education and educational systems have just gotten out of hand.


I was recently notified that I was under breach of contract for attempting to sell my #LSAT Prep books from a #TestMasters course that I took three years ago (THREE YEARS AGO!). Not only did they forbid the sale of the books, but they are demanding that I return the books to them at my own expense. Not only can I not get a measly $300 back from the $1000 that I originally spent on the course, but I now have to PAY to return the books. The company is so concerned with profit, NOT EDUCATION, that they tracked me down through craigslist, sent me a false inquiry about buying the books, and then both CALLED and EMAILED me to notify me that I was in breach of contract and demanded that I pay to return the materials. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

Not only was I naive for thinking that studying to go to law school would be a good idea, but I was naive for thinking that standardized testing was a good way to gauge my competencies and for buying into the idea that I had to take a prep course in order to excel at said standardized testing. FOR-PROFIT EDUCATION IS NOT THE ANSWER. KNOWLEDGE SHOULD BE FREELY AVAILABLE TO ALL THOSE WHO SEEK IT.

I’m not even allowed to simply donate or destroy the books, because they are the “property” of the company. Any “use” of the books other than as specified by the company (a.k.a. donating them to a school in need) would be considered breach of contract. Typical copyright provisions allow for use of the materials for “educational purposes,” but not for TestMasters. They’re not concerned with education, their purpose is PROFIT. How can we make the most money off of students who want to pursue further education and better themselves?

Don’t buy into the lies that perpetuate for-profit education and related systems. If all high school students would stand up and refuse to pay millions and millions of dollars into SAT- & ACT-prep courses and books, if all college students would stand up and refuse to pay millions and millions into text books and GRE-, LSAT-, and MCAT-prep courses and books, if we all realized that making money off of knowledge is the most corrupt form of capitalism, we would see massive change and widespread enlightenment.

It’s the same concept that the FCC is struggling with: is the internet a public utility? Is the spread of information and knowledge a fundamental human right? I say it is. Only then can we progress as a society, as a culture, as a species.


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