Grandmas Rise Up Against Millennials’ “Grandma” Lifestyle

Grandmas Rise Up Against Millennials’ “Grandma” Lifestyle

Absolutely perfect:

“…Grandparents are speaking out, disavowing any affiliation with the millennials who take daylong naps punctuated by brief scrolls through Twitter. Doris said, “It’s insulting. Today, I went to my water-aerobics class, played bridge for three hours, made progress on a Sudoku puzzle that has been stumping me for months, and tried a new recipe. Who has time to sit around like those kids, watching the Netflix all day?” Doris’s friend Maude Elser chimed in: “When my lover Hal left me for my canasta partner, I got myself a new canasta partner. I sure as heck didn’t stay inside and drink three bottles of Pinot Grigio by myself!” Calling oneself old is just as prevalent among millennial men as it is among women. Constance, who asked that her last name be withheld, recalled meeting her granddaughter’s new beau for the first time last Thanksgiving. “He was wearing a raggedy maroon cardigan, a bowtie, suspenders, and pants that suggested that he didn’t really understand the purpose of suspenders.” When the boyfriend proclaimed that he was “rockin’ the grandpa swag,” Constance sighed. “I didn’t have the heart to tell my darling granddaughter that her boyfriend looked like a bankrupt magician,” she said…”


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