NeuroLeadership: Facilitating Change


“The NeuroLeadership Institute has identified Facilitating Change as the final skill set that leaders need to develop in order to be effective and efficient: they must be able to enact change initiatives in an successful and non-threatening manner. Unfortunately, organizational change is challenging. Even under the best of circumstances, overall success rates are at about 30% (McKinsey Quarterly 2010) due to the tough task of maintaining employee engagement and motivation in the midst of organizational uncertainty.

Being able to properly Facilitate Change combines many of the skills previously seen in the other areas of effective leadership: Making Decisions, Collaborating with Others, and Self Regulation. In order for leaders and managers to lead change initiatives powerfully and with minimal disruption, they must be able to better understand and manage their own reactions to change from a brain-based perspective, as well as facilitate high-quality conversations about organizational changes with employees to maximize employee engagement and motivation…”

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