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Want to properly set yourself up for success in 2020?

I am SO excited to get started with helping you and your business!

I believe that collaboration will ALWAYS trump competition, especially when it involves badass business builders coming together to support and cheer each other on.⁣

Join my new Badass Biz Mastermind Group for an in-depth library of expert resources paired with a welcoming and encouraging community that will help every participant grow their business without burning out.

Keep in mind, though, not everyone will qualify to join this group!⁣

I want to make it an intentionally curated community of badass business builders who are committed to continually showing up for themselves and for each other.⁣

Are you ready to get sh*t done?

What to Expect_ Badass Biz Mastermind FB Group

Apply to Join the Badass Biz VIP Mastermind Subscription Now!

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What Is Coaching?

What Is Coaching | Clarifications Coaching LLC

Coaching IS a professional relationship between a client and a coach designed to help the client increase self-awareness, generate learning, as well as identify and accomplish meaningful goals. It helps clients recognize and identify their capabilities and available resources and apply these to their life.

Coaching IS NOT consulting, therapy, or mentoring. It is not consulting because coaches do not advise or offer solutions for the client. It is not therapy because we do not focus on the past or offer diagnosis. And it is not mentoring because the coach is not attempting to link someone learning a craft with someone who is already skilled in it.

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